Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

The Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) is the largest research company in Austria. The AIT Competence Center for Digital Safety and Security is a high-tech organization for applied research in the security sector.

University of Innsbruck

The research focus of the Security and Privacy Lab at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Innsbruck is on digital forensics, virtual currencies as well as cybercrime. The lab is strongly connected to international institutions and has a leading role in Europe in studying phenomena of interest to KRYPTOMONITOR.

Research Institute AG
& Co KG

The SME Research Institute – Digital Human Rights Center is a research center at the interface of technology, law and society that is engaged in questions regarding the protection of fundamental rights from a multi- and interdisciplinary perspective. This includes technical, legal and organizational aspects of data protection and data security as well as questions of technology assessment, cybercrime and network politics.

T3K Forensics GmbH

T3K-Forensics is a international company in the field of digital forensics, in particular in mobile forensics, based in Vienna. T3K offers services and trainings to national and international law enforcement authorities and acts as consultant for the Austrian court. Through a proprietary development of AI-based systems in the forensics analysis field, T3K is a leader in the automated data processing from digital evidence.

Federal Ministry of the Interior

The Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) is responsible for safeguarding the internal security of Austria. It covers a broad range of tasks relevant to internal security, reaching far beyond the core security tasks of police matters. The BMI is participating in the project as a practitioner with its responsible entity, department II/BK/7 (Economic Crime) of the Austrian Criminal Intelligence Service. It is especially the dedicated Sub-Competence Center specializing in virtual and cryptocurrencies that is actively involved in the project. At the BMI, the Institute for Science and Research (IWF) is the single point of contact for all research matters. Therefore, the IWF comprehensively coordinates and manages all research projects (funded through (security) research programs) the BMI and its law enforcement agencies, i.e. operational units, participate in.

Federal Ministry of Finance

The Federal Ministry of Finance (Department I/9, anti-fraud office) is a central position for all kinds of customs and tax frauds. Connected to money laundering and illegal cash transfer, the office is responsible for the implementation of the FATF recommendations and of the VO 1889/2005. The cross-border cash declarations (to third countries) and money laundering reports that are transmitted by customs and tax offices are analyzed. The department works in the field of international information exchange between customs and tax authorities of the member states.